Do you have back and/or hip problems?

How To Improve Mobility & Strength.

Step-by-step guide and videos that cover the slightest nuances so that you can get feeling better, faster. Learn what to do, when to do it, how much to do, and what it should feel like!

Tired Of Struggling With Back and Hip Problems?

What would it feel like if you were able to feel stronger, more resilient, and have more confidence about the future of your body’s health? All without having to find the solution yourself?

It’s Time To Live Your Life To The Fullest…

Move around freely without fear or uncertainty of the limitations back and hip pain can bring. Be more active with your family and friends, and never miss out on important moments.


Let me introduce you to...

Hip and Lower Back Fundamentals

The best way to get you feeling better and staying better.

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Here Is Exactly What You Will Learn and It can be completed in 15 minutes!

Mobility and Strengthening

The key to getting better joint health and surrounding strength

Detailed and Specific Instructions

You deserve to know what to do and what it should feel like

The Best Blend of Evidence and Experience

What I have seen work time and time again.

BONUS: A Comprehensive PDF Guide To Guide You Every Step Of The Way

Get a detailed and printable guide that walks you through every exercise so that you have a handy guide along the way. See how to set up your body, how long you should hold a position, useful tips, and so much more information you don’t want to miss out on.

Save Money and Become Healthier At Home

This training will save you money by helping you avoid costly interventions such as surgery, injections, medications. Plus, it can be done in your home, with little to zero equipment, 15 minutes a day, and without committing to long plans of care! It’s about being efficient and effective!

It Works!

See What Other People Are Saying

Dr. Derry is amazing at what he does. I was having issues with my lower back after many years of heavy lifting in the gym. In just 12 sessions, my back felt so much better! He’s professional, easy going, and very understanding. He genuinely cares about his clients well being!


It brings tears to my eyes as I type this to know how far I’ve come with hard work and most importantly the support and encouragement of the best resource I’ve ever come into contact with for my health. Michael is an extraordinary coach and expert in his field.


I went from daily back pain at a level 10 to little and no pain level 1 in just a few short months. I owe that all to the great services he provided. I highly recommend and would give him 10 stars if it was possible. I can’t thank him enough for the way he improved my quality of life.


Why This Training Was Created…

People often seek out invasive measures such as medications, surgery, and injections to resolve their pain. However, they are unaware of non-invasive treatments that are available and more supported by evidence. I see it as my duty to save people money and save people from painful and expensive surgery for their problems. No more bandaids, its time to address the root cause.

Get the benefits without the struggles or risks.

Are you ready to start feeling better without large commitments of time and money?

Ready To Feel Younger And Get A New Start?

With Less Pain and More Strength?

It's time you move around freely without fear or uncertainty of the limitations back and hip pain can bring in your life.

This is exactly what you will get:

  • Step-by-step video tutorials on how to properly perform the exercises and mobility tasks.
  • Expert tips and tricks to maximize the effectiveness and efficiency of these exercises.
  • The perfect blend of evidence and experience.
  • A path that is effective and doesn't require large time commitments and is easy to follow!
  • BONUS: A detailed PDF guide so that you have a detailed resource to perform these exercises wherever you are.

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"I am doing much better with time and exercises (and a lot less pain) - helped by his positive attitude and sense of humor. He has a knowledgeable and creative approach that zeros in on my particular issues.


"I highly recommend that you consider Dr. Derry for your physical therapy needs. I promise that you will be highly impressed with him and his skilled approach to PT therapy and will not regret your choice."


Dr. Derry is amazing at what he does. I was having issues with my lower back after many years of the heavy lifting in the gym. In just 12 sessions, my back felt so much better! He’s professional, easy-going, and very understanding.


It's Time To Prepare For Your Future

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Level 2 Strengthening and Mobility Exercises! ***FREE 15 Minute Consultation Call (Total Value $97)!

This add-on will take you from 50% better to 100% better! The perfect combination of length and strength with an exclusive video call to make answer any questions or doubts are answered!

  • Get a more advanced video training with exercises and stretches to improve mobility and strength even faster!
  • A step-by-step guide with this new training to never miss a step and make sure you follow the proper techniques.
  • The next step to feeling stronger and more resilient!

Plus, get a 15-minute video call with Dr. Michael Derry to answer ANY questions about your back pain or exercise forms! (Value: $50)

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